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2023 Australian Small Business Champion Awards                       Winner Rural Business Award 2023

Proudly Australian owned, Ranger Nick's own brand of merchandise is predominantly produced and sourced from Australian suppliers.

By purchasing Ranger Nick's products, you are supporting an Australian business.

As such, you will receive good old fashioned Australian support for any queries you may have.

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Curry Spice and Recipe Kits

Ranger Nick's Curry Kits

Are you a lover of Indian food?

Ranger Nick is making home-cooking of traditional Indian curry dishes a breeze.

He has perfected and simplified the cooking methods, whilst preserving the authentic flavour sensations of Indian cuisine. With his pre-mixed spices for the various meals, all you need to purchase are fresh ingredients and start cooking. You'll impress your family and friends in no time with Ranger Nick's Curry Kits.

Once again, Ranger Nick is in line with his motto of "keeping it simple", and inspires anyone to take up home cooking of his selected favourite Indian curries. He has put in the hard yards, so you can easily re-create an Indian meal equal to the quality of a restaurant dish.

Here is the classic example of the average spice - does this look familar?  NO MORE WASTE, we say!

If leftover unused spices wasting in your cupboard or the time it takes to cook the curry from scratch have stopped you in the past, this has all been eliminated with Ranger Nick's Curry Kits.

You'll receive easy to follow cooking instructions, a list of ingredients to get, and carefully blended pre-mixed spices for the various curries. The spice mix is portioned out to create outstanding, fragrant and delicious meals for 4 people. Please note that the spice and nut mixes are preservative free and do not offer a long shelf life, hence are intended to be consumed sooner then later. It's all about fresh and healthy produce to keep your immune system strong.

There is a dish for every day of the week, if you wish.

"Get a Taste of Indaya"

Should you be interested in a monthly SUBSCRIPTION of Ranger Nick's Curry Kits, you'll find various options at  

There are currently over 28 flavours in the subscription range, with the majority not available for individual purchase anywhere in Australia.