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Quokka folding Fire Pit - large

Quokka folding Fire Pit

Endorsed by Ranger Nick, this foldable, stainless steel Fire Pit is great for your camp oven, frying up a steak, cooking a spit roast, or using it as a fire pit to sit around with friends.

Features include:
  • *  compatible with Caravan and National Park regulations, where allowable
  • *  flat pack storage, light weight and compact
  • *  adjustable grill height
  • *  removable grill plate
  • *  legs clip onto a base plate for sturdiness and portability
  • *  base plate catches any ash or embers, protecting vegetation
  • *  fire pit and base plate are made from industrial grade stainless steel
  • *  cooking grill is made from food grade stainless steel
  • *  panels and handles are roll formed - not spot welded
  • *  canvas carry bag
They come in two different sizes.

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Check out features and the easy set up of the Quokka foldable fire pit in this video:


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