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Camp Oven Cooking in a Box - The Essential Home Study Course

   Are you interested in camp oven cooking but have not quite mastered the art?

#  Would you like to know everything you need to know about camp oven cooking?

You’ve come to the right place!

Here’s your opportunity to acquire a comprehensive information pack, walking you through step by step from the humble beginnings to advanced cooking techniques. All along the way without any fuss, bling, academic stuff or stress. Just simple, effective and proven methods to get you cooking fit for a king.

Here’s what we will cover in depth via instructions and videos:

1.   Choosing the camp oven that’s right for you
2.   How to season your camp oven and get the best flavours
3.   Putting together a basic tucker box
4.   Tips and useful accessories for lighting your fire or charcoal briquettes
5.   Alternative heat sources including my proven system of using Charcoal Briquettes
6.   Cleaning and storing your camp oven
7.   Fire regulations and compliance Australia wide
8.   Choosing and cooking with firewood
9.   Roasts and the perfect crackling
10. Baking and the Aussie Icon Damper
11. Repairing and resurrecting an old rusty camp oven
12. Self-assessment

*  a dozen recipes
*  exclusive discounts on Ranger Nick camp ovens and other accessories - not available to the general public

The content of this program is provided digitally and you will have access to it indefinitely.


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