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Indian Bengal Fish Curry Kit

Bengal is well known for its fish curries. Yoghurt and coriander contribute to a smooth texture and refreshing taste of this deliciously spiced master piece.

A rich flavour sensation with a combination of various spices and will suit the majority of your friends and family. Feel free to adjust the heat to your taste preference by using different varieties of chillies, increasing or decreasing the amount you put into your meal.

Ranger Nick makes Indian home cooking super easy and you'll impress your guests with the most delicious and authentic curry dishes.

There's no need to buy a variety of spices which you won't use again and that are filling up the space in your cupboard.

Watch the short video to see Ranger Nick's simple techniques.



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If you are an Indian Food lover and appreciate seafood, you will appreciate the rich and creamy flavours of this classical dish.

Included in the curry kit are:

* authentic and carefully blended pre-mixed Indian spices, portioned out to create an outstanding meal for 4 people
* list of fresh ingredients
* easy to follow recipe and cooking instructions
* link to "How to" video

All you need to purchase are the fresh ingredients.

Please note that the spice and nut mixes are preservative free and do not offer a long shelf life, hence are intended to be consumed sooner then later. It's all about fresh and healthy produce to keep your immune system strong.


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