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2 quart pre-seasoned cast iron camp oven

Ranger Nick's own brand premium quality cast iron camp oven, 2 quart (8 inch)
The advantage of the Cast Iron Camp Oven is that it conducts and holds the heat longer with a constant distribution, which results in smooth and even cooking. It also produces a more unique flavour as it ages.

The cast iron camp oven is ideal for outdoor cooking but can equally be used in your indoor kitchen. Cast iron cookware is one of the healthiest surfaces to eat off and is easy to clean.

Once seasoned well (the more you use it the better it will be), you get a nice non-stick surface.


  • * 3 legs on lid allow for easy stacking of camp ovens if you use more then one to cook. Therefore it is more economical in coal usage. The extra weight in the lid holds more heat, which is where the majority of the heat needs to go.
  • * turn lid over and use as a fry pan, ideal for omelette, pancake, steak etc. Deep lid base will contain contents whilst cooking.
  • * vent hole to control steam in order to manage moisture content of meal.
  • * spring handle which allows for comfortable handling
  • * pre-seasoned
  • * comes with instructions on how to store and care for your camp oven
  • * The 8 inch dutch oven fits neatly into the 12 inch dutch oven

The 2 quart camp oven is ideal for 2-4 people.  

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