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Mother's Day Treat

Treat your Mum with a special dinner and cook up a flavour sensation for her with Ranger Nick's Curry Kits.

The cooking methods are soooo easy, ANYONE can prepare a mouthwatering, restaurant quality meal, following the accompanying recipe. There's no excuse to spoil your Mum.

The gourmet spice blends are hand-blended and of highest quality, ensuring an authentic taste of Indian cuisine. Best of all, you're in total control and can adjust the heat level to your preference, no need to add chillies if you don't like it hot.

Ranger Nick's Curry Kit boutique spice blends offer such unique traditional Indian flavours, you will not find them anywhere on a supermarket shelf.

A truly special gift, especially if you cook it for Mum and set the table for the occasion.

Your Mother's Day package includes a selection of four flavours:

  1. seafood
  2. vegetarian
  3. red meat
  4. chicken

Each Curry Kit is portioned to make a meal for four, is free from preservatives and additives, comes with a list of fresh ingredients required, a simple to follow cooking method, a link to a "How To" video and FREE delivery Australia wide.

The rich flavour sensation will take you on a culinary journey to experience delicious and authentic Indian curries.





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If you are an Indian Food lover, you will appreciate the rich and creamy flavours of these classical dishes.

Included in the Curry Kits are:

* authentic and carefully blended pre-mixed Indian spices, portioned out to create an outstanding meal for 4 people
* list of fresh ingredients
* easy to follow recipe and cooking instructions
* link to "How to" video
* free postage

All you need to purchase are the fresh ingredients.

Please note that the spice and nut mixes are free of preservatives and additives. Hand-crafted in Australia, it's all about fresh and healthy produce to keep your immune system strong.


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